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Our view is to render our assistance to businesses, industrial/commercial firms in either public or private, as certified accountants and tax advisors.
Directors of these Firms may, therefore, deem it fit to entrust the audit of their accounts to specialized experts from outside their staff, to enable them to judge the extent of authenticity of the financial statements submitted to them, ascertain these facts and ensure their harmony with sound accounting principles, in order of activity of these firms. We have set up this office taking due consideration to supply it with proficient personnel in this field, to meet the requirements our customers throughout Libya.

Accordingly, our activities are as follows:

  1. Practicing accountancy (out-sourcing) and legal audit.
  2. Laying financial and administrative procedures and organizing audits in accordance with regulations set.
  3. Handling Tax Affairs.
  4. Drawing estimating balance sheets and other financial statements for the firm (by our computerized accounting system) to set up strategies.
  5. Provide consultation services about the Libyan market and its environment.
  6. Setting up structures with all formal requirements to make it legal .
  7. Business Consultancy.

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